Manufacturing Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art foam manufacturing facilities and superior technical know-how have greatly contributed to its consistent record of delivering high quality products that meet clients' expectation. The products are cut into various shapes and sizes like plain-cuts, convoluted-cuts, die-cuts and contour-cuts using our wide range of machinery.

With customized and cutting size as per client's request, SHH provides customized foams in terms of colours, hardness, density and cell size for each unique industry. It continuously value-adds client's benefits in the industries of Furniture & Bedding, Electrical & Electronics, Automotive, Consumer Products, Packaging, Acoustic Insulation and Contract Manufacturing.

We are committed to giving our clients utmost satisfaction by providing top quality designed products and services.

    Converting Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities, technical know-how and expertise place us in a unique and superior position to provide our clients with tailor-made foam packaging solutions that will protect the products efficiently.

In order to meet the industrial applications, our high quality PU foams are also produced with anti-static, anti-UV, acoustic and convoluted features as well as finer cell structure and less pinholes with variety of densities and hardness using our wide range of machinery.


We are capable of producing packaging solution with foams to provide capable protection for products such as: Electronic Components, Circuit Boards, Silicon Wafers, Computers, Computer Disk-Drives, Audio & Telecommunications Parts and Equipment.


Our clients can rest assured that the mattresses and pillow products with varied density, resilience and hardness are produced to fulfill the market requirements. Either our house brand or contract-manufactured products; the clients are provided with multiple choices as to cuts, designs and finishes. SHH is well positioned to deliver the mattress and pillow solutions and quality which the clients need.


  • Fully Automatic Promix Continuous Foaming Machine
  • Long Sheet Cutter with Auto Winding Up and Sealing Unit
  • Computerised Auto Contour Cutting Machine (Knife Type)
  • Computerised Quilting Machine
  • Heavy Duty Automatic Circular Horizontal Cutting Machine
  • Auto-Rebonding Machine
  • Mattress Tape-Edge Sewing Machine
  • Laminating Machine with Auto Winding Up and Heater
  • Auto Hydraulic Press Cutting Machine
  • Heavy Duty Profile Cutting Machine
  • Automatic Horizontal Cutting Machine
  • Vertical Cutting Machine