SHH has carved a niche for itself in the foam industry with its offering of a vast array of quality foam in blocks, sheets, rolls, profile-cuts, die-cuts and contour-cuts that present multiple choices to valued clients.

A wide range of end products such as PU foam, PE foam, memory foam, bubble pak, fire retardant foam, high load foam, packaging foam, peeling foam, laminated foam, rebonded foam and foam for mattress is available.

With our innovative engineering strategies and quality testing procedures, we provide the best possible solutions for the custom packaging needs. Besides that, we also design and construct custom-made mattresses and pillows of varied resilience and hardness.


  • Flexible Slabstocks & Rolled Foams
  • Laminated Foams
  • Recycled / Rebonded Foams
  • HR - High Resilience & Rubberlike Foams
  • CMHR Foams
  • Fire Retardant Foams
  • High Load & Special Hard Packaging Foams
  • Anti-Static Foams
  • Ultra-Soft & Supersoft Foams
  • Profile-cut & Die-cut Foams
  • Memory Foams
  • Contour-cut Shaped Foams & Cushions


We continuously improve our performance by strictly focusing on quality improvement, efficiency in cost production and research and development in product innovation to ensure that our clients' stringent demands are fulfilled to their utmost satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, superior technical know-how and expertise have greatly contributed to our consistent track record of delivering high quality products that exceed clients' expectations.